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Patrick Frasier flames up the Strawberries Imperial (Photo by S. Covo) 

There’s no need to leave your seat to enjoy a fiery spectacle when you visit Bohanan’s. Well known for their prime steaks, legendary seafood and fabulous service, the restaurant also serves flaming desserts, tableside. The well-appointed dining room is the setting for this culinary adventure. Upon ordering Strawberries Imperial, a fancy cart topped with luscious fresh strawberries, an enormous bowl of ice cream and all the necessary ingredients are rolled right up to the table.

  strawberries imperial (1)

 Voila! Bohanan’s Strawberries Imperial. (Photo by S. Covo)  

There are three dramatically delicious varieties, Strawberries Imperial, Cherries Jubilee and Bananas Foster. And while the decadent flavors may be fleeting, the memory of the sensational scene will last forever — making these desserts the perfect ending for Valentine’s Day or any celebration.

flaming fresh ingredients (1)Ingredients for flaming desserts are rolled up to the tableside. (Photo by S. Covo)

In our case, under Chef Heather Nañez’s watchful eye, the impeccably trained Patrick Frasier carefully added juices and liqueur to a copper pan over a medium flame. (Did we say this was right at our table?) Within seconds, Mr. Frasier created a majestic flame that caramelized the sugar creating a flawless syrup with just the right amount of crystallization.

Without question, the artistry and flavors of Bohanan’s flaming desserts are a quintessential San Antonio experience not to miss. To learn more  visit www.bohanans.com ~ By Sophie Covo


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